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Leather Weightlifting Belt

Leather Weightlifting Belt

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Leather Weightlifting Belt

All belts are made to order and ship within 2-3 weeks.

Made In USA

This heavy duty 10mm lifting belt is hand made in Wisconsin

- Available in 2.5",  3" and 4" variants.

- Our Double Ply Belt is Constructed with 13-15oz USA saddle skirting.

Robust USA stitching and USA industrial rivets ensure performance and longevity


How to Size Your Belt

Belts are an essential tool to any trainee. To avoid wasting money on the wrong one, correct sizing is essential. Here’s how.

1 - Measure your waist around the belly button

2 - Subtract 2”.

3 - Compare that number to the sizing chart below.

4 - Decide on your future goals. If your goals include losing some fluff, choose a size that allows room to shrink into. If you need to gain weight, choose a size that allows room to grow into.  If you have no plans to change size much, pick the size that lands you closest to the middle.


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