Meet Grant Broggi

Grant Broggi is a Marine Officer, owner of The Strength Co., Starting Strength Coach and a member of the Starting Strength Seminar staff. He started lifting with barbells while in Military College to get stronger and prevent injury.

Building Marines

In the Marine Corps, Grant became an Artillery Officer, and was given his first platoon of men. He noticed that his 40 young men that were weak and prone to injury. Grant found the book Starting Strength and immediately began implementing the form and training outlines into his own workout. He began to train his Marines the same way and the entire platoon got stronger.

Opening the Gym

Grant eventually set up a gym in his home garage and began training civilians. Word of mouth spread from friends and family until the demand was great enough that he needed a gym and other full time coaches. He opened The Strength Co. Costa Mesa in late 2017 in Southern California.

In 2023 he opened The Strength Co. at BlocHaven in Greenville South Carolina.

He and his coaches also offer online Coaching.

American Iron

In 2020 Grant sought to bring back quality manufacturing of Olympic weight plates to America. Our search for a high-quality American Foundry led us to Waupaca Foundry. Located in Wisconsin, Waupaca is one of the largest foundries in America. With vast experience in the industry, they were able to take our design prototype and manufacture our plates to exact specifications.

American Made gym equipment

Grant is passionate about obtaining quality American products and labor for all aspects of his business. Today, The Strength Co. has expanded to offer a range of products to outfit your gym. Plates, barbells, weight trees, colars, belts, mats, banners, apparel and more. Strength Co. customers can take pride in knowing they are supporting American manufacturing and a veteran owned business.

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