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Standard Olympic Barbell - 20KG (45LB)

Standard Olympic Barbell - 20KG (45LB)

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The Standard Olympic 28.5mm Olympic Barbell

We recommend this barbell for lifters that are looking for a "one bar fits all" multi-use barbell.

Featuring dual hash marks in the knurling, this barbell can be used for both Olympic lifting and Powerlifting along with general strength training.

The Standard Olympic Barbell has a 28.5mm diameter making it a great barbell for people of various hand sizes (both men and women).

It's slightly thinner diameter also allows for a little more whip on the barbell, without ever bending or getting damaged.

Featuring a less aggressive knurling pattern, this barbell is great for new lifters and veterans alike.

If you're just getting started then you will not find this barbell too aggressive on your hands, and if you're a competitive powerlifter you will notice this barbell still has the grit for some of the heaviest deadlifts.

In stock and ships out to you within 24 hours of purchase.


- Min Tensile Strength: 190k

- Medium Knurling with Center Knurl

- 86" in length

- Olympic and Powerlifting Marks

- Dual Oillite Bronze Bushings

- Dual Snap Ring Design

- Bright Zinc Coating

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