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Marrs Bar Lite - 35lbs Safety Squat Bar

Marrs Bar Lite - 35lbs Safety Squat Bar

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Marrs-Bar LITE - 35lbs

Manufactured by Solid Bar Fitness, The Marrs-Bar Lite has the same great features as the original Marrs-Bar but coming in at a lighter weight. 

This bar is not only lighter but also has a shorter loadable sleeve length than the original Marrs-Bar. Weighing just 35lbs this is a great bar for those just getting started strength training that need a Safety Squat Bar but are not yet strong enough to manage the 65lbs Marrs-Bar. 

The Marrs Bar and Marrs-Bar Lite look identical.  The only noticeable difference you can see in a photo is the sleeve length. The original Marrs-Bar has a loadable sleeve length of 16.25” while the 2.0 is 12.5". 

The original Marrs-Bar is made of a solid piece of steel while the Marrs-Bar Lite is hollow, making the bar lighter and reducing the load rating.  

Weight: 35lb
Overall Length: 82”
Loadable Sleeve: 12.5”
Weight Rating: 400lbs
Coating: Black Powder Coat shaft with Chrome Sleeves

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