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The Strength Co.

Loadable Dumbbell - Made In USA

Loadable Dumbbell - Made In USA

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The "Mini Barbell"28.5mm 12lbs Loadable Dumbbell, Made in USA.

The Strength Co. Mini Barbell is a loadable dumbbell made with the same craftsmanship and quality as our barbells.

Our Mini Barbells are 100% Machined and Assembled in Kansas.

The bright zinc coating helps protect your bar from the elements and greatly reduces maintenance required to keep the bar in good condition.

Each bar is cleaned after zinc plating and we apply a very light film of a lubricant to make sure the product looks new when received.

Mini Barbells are sold individually and shipped in a heavy walled tube with metal end caps to protect them during transit. 


- 12lbs each

- Min Tensile Strength: 120,000psi

- Medium Knurled Handle

- 28.5mm diameter

- Length: 18-3/4""

- Loadable Sleeve Length: 5.75"

- Length between sleeves: 6”

- Dual Oillite Bronze Bushings

- Dual Snap Ring Design

- Bright Zinc Coating

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