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Bialetti Classico Espresso

Bialetti Classico Espresso

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Bialetti Classico Espresso is a perfect espresso for for the Brikka user. 

- Great for making frothy crema every time!

- Whole Bean, 500g Bag


Classico coffee beans are a balanced blend, with a delicate, persistent flavor.
A selection of fine coffee, 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta, mellow and aromatic, which gives sweet hints of flowers and dried fruit, enhanced by a slow medium roast.

This is why it is considered the perfect coffee after a good lunch.

A passion for the Italian coffee ritual and Bialetti’s experience come together to produce the best coffee beans, also for automatic machines, perfect for those who love to experiment and come up with their own blends.

Intensity: 7.

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