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The Strength Co.

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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The Strength Co. Mini Barbell Set

Our Mini Barbells were designed with our plates and collars in mind. Our plates and collars feature a thin design to allow you to be able to load as much on the bar as possible.

Our Mini Barbell Sets come in both 48 and 96lbs variants that include our Mini Barbell(s) and our Clamp Collars

Want even more weight? Feel free to add a few more sets!
garage gym lab dumbbells
"The MB-12 from the Strength Co. is one of the best loadable dumbbell handles that I've used. It's high-quality and its size strikes a nice balance. You're able to load over 80lbs without it being as long as some other options. Fully knurled, smooth rotation, and made in the USA - there's a lot to like about this handle."
Adam - from Garage Gym Lab
48lbs Set Includes:
(1) 12lbs Mini Barbell 
(1) Pair of 10lbs Olympic Plates
(1) Pair of 5lbs Olympic Plates 
(1) Pair of 2.5lbs Olympic Plates 
(1) Pair Made in USA Clamp Collars (half lbs each)
Total Weight: 48lbs. 
96s Set Includes:
(2) 13lbs Mini Barbell
(2) Pair of 10lbs Olympic Plates
(2) Pair of 5lbs Olympic Plates
(2) Pair of 2.5lbs Olympic Plates
(2) Pair Made in USA Clamp Collars (half lbs each)
Total Weight : 96lbs
Black collars are shipped by default unless indicated in order details. 
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