Unboxing Your Barbell Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide Video

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi breaks down step by step the easiest way to unbox your new barbell.


Welcome back to The Strength Co., where we're not just about lifting but also about ensuring your gear gets to you in pristine condition. Today, we're tackling a common issue: opening your newly arrived barbell. You've waited eagerly, tracked the shipment obsessively, and now it's finally here. Let’s ensure you can start lifting without a hitch.

Why Proper Packaging Matters

Before we dive into the unboxing process, let's talk about why we go the extra mile with our packaging. While it might seem overzealous, this careful packaging ensures that your barbell arrives without a scratch. The alternative could mean your barbell rattling around during transit, arriving damaged, which is the last thing we want.

Tools You’ll Need

To get into your well-protected barbell, you'll need a few tools:
- A power drill
- A knife (a box cutter works best, but any sturdy knife will do)
- Pliers (preferably with a flat head)

Step-by-Step Unboxing Process

1. Locating and Removing the Screws: Start by finding the screw heads that are covered by the tape. Using your power drill with a Phillips head bit, remove the screws. There’s typically one on each side. Pro tip: You can drill through the tape to save some time.

2. Removing the Wooden Block: After the screws are out, pull out the block of wood used to secure the bar within the tube. This block prevents the bar from moving and potentially poking through the packaging.

3. Opening the Cardboard Tube: This part can be a bit tricky. The cardboard may be slightly damaged or compressed, so it’s similar to opening a tube of croissant dough. Start at the seam of the cardboard tube, using your pliers to peel back the layers. Your goal is to expose the metal insert that holds everything together.

4. Extracting the Barbell: Once you’ve peeled back enough cardboard to grip the metal insert with your pliers, twist and pull it out. Beneath, you’ll find further packaging foam, added to minimize any movement during shipping.

5. Revealing Your Barbell: Now, you should be able to slide your barbell out smoothly. If it gets a bit stuck, gently twist and pull until it comes free.

Conclusion: Ready to Lift

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unboxed your barbell, which is now ready for action. Each barbell from The Strength Co. is made in the USA and packaged with the utmost care by our dedicated team. We hope this guide helps you get started with your training as smoothly as possible. Remember, a well-maintained piece of equipment is a long-lasting one, so take care of your barbell, and it will serve you well in your strength training journey.

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