the truth about safety squat bars

The Truth About Safety Squat Bars

This is a clip from The Okay Podcast where Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi gives his reasons for changing his mind about safety squat bars, and how he uses them now to supplement his barbell training.


The Marrs Bar: A Game Changer in Squat Training

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of different types of squat bars and how they can impact your training? The Marrs Bar, in particular, has been a topic of interest for many lifters, especially those dealing with shoulder and elbow pains. Let's dive into why the Marrs Bar might just be the game changer you need in your squat training regimen.

The Purpose of the Marrs Bar

The Mars Bar is designed to alleviate common issues lifters face, such as shoulder and elbow pain, which often arise from improper grip or the bar resting too much on the arms rather than on the back. This safety squat bar allows the hands to be positioned in front, removing the upper body strain and enabling heavy training without the discomfort.

Why Choose the Marrs Bar?

For many, the transition to using a safety squat bar comes as a solution to the physical limitations or pains experienced with traditional squatting. The Marrs Bar, however, stands out because it keeps the bar low on the back, similar to a low bar position, but without the associated strain on the shoulders and elbows. This unique positioning allows for more hip engagement and muscle mass involvement, making it an excellent tool for strength building.

Preventative Injury Training with the Marrs Bar

Initially, lifters might turn to the Marrs Bar when dealing with an injury or discomfort. However, its real value lies in its preventative capabilities. Incorporating the Marrs Bar into your training can help avoid the common tweaks and pains associated with heavy squatting. By alternating between the Marrs Bar and the straight bar, you can continue to train hard while minimizing the risk of injury.

Practical Application and Results

In practice, using the Marrs Bar can lead to a noticeable improvement in squat performance. Despite the bar itself weighing more, lifters often find they can squat more with the Marrs Bar than with a regular bar. This advantage makes it not just a tool for injury prevention but also for pushing your limits in a safer manner.

Where to Find the Mars Bar

Interested in incorporating the Marrs Bar into your training? These bars, praised for their unique design and benefits, are available for purchase on our website. Adding one to your gym equipment can be a smart investment in your long-term lifting journey.


The Marrs Bar is more than just another safety squat bar; it's a strategic tool for enhancing your squat training while protecting your body from potential injuries. Whether you're rehabbing an injury or looking to prevent one, incorporating the Marrs Bar into your routine could be the key to unlocking new levels of strength and performance.

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