the truth about about lifting programs

The Truth About Lifting Programs: What You Really Need to Know to Gain Strength

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi explains why you need to be following a lifting program and how people get them wrong.

Introduction to Program Importance

In the realm of strength training, the significance of adhering to a structured program cannot be overstated. While being inherently strong offers some flexibility in your training routine, following a program ensures consistent progress and helps maintain strength during busy periods.

The Benefits of Getting Strong

For individuals who have achieved a significant level of strength, such as squatting 405 for 5x5, the ability to perform substantial lifts even on a tight schedule becomes possible. This capability allows for maintenance of muscle mass and strength, even if progress in increasing weights might stall due to life's unpredictable demands.

Strategic Training Amidst a Hectic Life

When life becomes hectic, having a base of strength allows for shorter, yet effective sessions in the gym. You might find yourself performing one major lift per gym visit due to time constraints. This approach helps in maintaining strength without the need for lengthy workouts, ensuring that you do not regress or lose significant muscle mass.

Launching a Structured Program

Emphasizing the launch of a new structured program, the discussion highlights a 15-week plan designed for those who have already built a foundation of strength through basic programs like Starting Strength or StrongLifts. This program is not for beginners but is tailored for those ready to handle more intensive and structured workouts.

The Challenge of Adherence

Following a program can be challenging, especially when life's obligations pull you away from the gym. The key is to remain committed and make the most of the time you do have. Structured programs are particularly beneficial as they provide a roadmap to follow, which can be tremendously helpful during busy times.

Community and Accountability

Being part of a fitness community or group can also play a crucial role in maintaining consistency. Engaging with others who are following the same or a similar program provides motivation and accountability, which are essential for long-term adherence and success.


Ultimately, the strength of a training program lies in its ability to be a reliable anchor in both steady and turbulent times. Whether you're pushing through a plateau or simply trying to maintain your current level of fitness, a well-structured program along with community support can make all the difference in achieving and sustaining your strength training goals.

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