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Strength Training for the Elderly

By Grant Broggi, SSC

Back in September of 2021 I wrote about Strength Training for Older Adults and how important resistance training is for the older population. We received lots of feedback from readers, wondering how they can get their family members and loved ones to lift weights and stay in control of their physical strength.

The answer is not always cut and dry, but one thing I have found that really helps is showcasing lifters that are in the same stage of life as the person you are trying to convince. In my article last year we talked about Corki (age 86), and Earlene (age 74) and how they got started lifting weights.

Well, Earlene has been lifting for over six months now so we sat down and asked her some questions about her journey. I hope it inspires you or someone you care about to begin taking responsibility for their strength using barbell training.


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