how to do the starting strength press

Is The Starting Strength Press Worth It?

Coach Jeff breaks down the Starting Strength Press 2.0, explaining how to do it and why we use it.


Mastering the Overhead Press: A Comprehensive Guide

The overhead press is a fundamental movement in strength training, emphasizing upper body strength and balance. Unlike the more common bench press, the overhead press challenges your ability to lift weight overhead while standing, testing not just your strength but your stability as well. Here’s how to execute the overhead press with precision and power.

Setting Up for Success

Finding Your Grip: Your grip on the bar is the first step to a successful press. Imagine extending your arms straight in front of you like a zombie. Rotate your thumbs down and place them on the bar, locking the bar between the base of your palm. This grip ensures your wrists are straight and strong throughout the lift.

Rack Position: With your grip set, lift the bar out of the rack with your elbows slightly in front of the bar, ensuring your forearms are vertical. This position prepares you for a powerful press while protecting your wrists.#### The Press Movement

Initiating the Lift: From the racked position, engage your core and press the bar overhead. Your goal is to keep the bar over the middle of your foot, ensuring a balanced lift. As you reach the top, punch the ceiling with your knuckles and give a big shrug to engage your traps and protect your shoulders.

The Hip Movement: One of the unique aspects of the overhead press is the use of a hip movement to initiate momentum. Without bending your knees, bounce your hips forward. This movement helps drive the bar upward, making it easier to press heavier weights.

Common Concerns

Preventing Overextension: To avoid overextending your back, keep your stomach tight throughout the lift. This tension on both sides of your body maintains a natural spine position and prevents undue stress on your lower back.#

Putting It All Together

The overhead press may be technically challenging, but with practice, it becomes a rewarding part of your strength training routine. Remember to focus on grip, rack position, and the unique hip movement to master this lift. With dedication, you'll not only build impressive upper body strength but also improve your overall balance and stability. Happy lifting!

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