barbell training in your 60s

Resistance Training in Your 60s

Connor King, SSC


Almost a year ago during the frenzy of the pandemic and the early days of our online coaching, our owner Grant shot me a text : “Need you to teach Claudia how to lift, lives in South Carolina, in her 60s, she is family, please take care of her, she needs this.” 

After our first Zoom session together, I learned that Claudia was a long time family friend of the Broggi's who had recently seen Grant’s mom, Audrey get very strong lifting barbells. At Claudia’s first sign of interest, Grant shipped her everything she needed and I was to take care of the rest. 


In time I came to learn that along with her job, Claudia served as caretaker for her husband with Alzheimer’s. It was clear that her strength was not only crucial to her personal health but to her whole family. With her bedroom gym and online coaching, Claudia has been able to consistently train 3 days a week for nearly a year while remaining close by to assist her husband. 


She is currently squatting over 140 pounds and deadlifting just under 200 with no signs of slowing. In coaching her, I do not recall one instance where Claudia has asked for a lighter weight or hesitated to attempt what was in her training log. Despite the frequent sleepless night or stressful day, she logs in, gets under the bar, and inspires everyone who she trains with.

Coaching people like Claudia is why I became a barbell coach. Keep it up Claudia!

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