coaching the deadlift

Coaching The Deadlift

By Grant Broggi, SSC

As more and more people become interested in barbell training, we often get asked many questions about the correct way to deadlift. Most trainees view the deadlift as something difficult and are often worried about hurting themselves while learning how to perform the lift. While it’s good to be cautious while learning something new, the deadlift can be performed quite safely — even by people who are new to the exercise.

We use the Starting Strength 5-Step teaching method and have taught hundreds of people to deadlift in about 2 minutes. It is easy to understand with proper coaching, is very safe, and is definitely something you should incorporate into your training plan.We coach the deadlift via our online platforms, in our California gyms and also at training camps across the country.

The video below is of Starting Strength Coach Jeff Hairston teaching the deadlift at our latest camp. 


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