can I skip my workout?

When You Can Skip Your Workout (You won't like it).

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi explains when you are allowed to skip your workout.

Happy Mother's Day!bald rock mountain

Ever since my mom started lifting, she has quite literally never looked back. Week after week, session after session, she NEVER skips. 

With that said, my mom does not always enjoy heading out to the garage and getting under the barbell. I will often get texts from her along the lines of: 

 "I do not want to workout today"... or,

"I did not want to workout today, but I did anyway and now I feel great!"

This is actually a very common phenomenon for the barbell trainee. 

Lifters will constantly come up with excuses or reasons as to why they should skip their workout or lower the weight for the next session.

So can you ever skip your workout? 

Well as a little tribute to my mother, we covered just that in today's video (you won't like it). Hope you find it useful! 


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