what to do when you are new to the gym

Beginner's Guide To A Barbell Gym

The gym is a very intimidating place for a lot of people, especially beginners. I am not just talking about barbell gyms either. I'm talking about any gym. 

beginner learning to squat

For many beginners, going to the gym is a change they are making in their lives. They have some goal or end state in mind  they want to achieve, which is different from their own personal status quo. 

Because of this, the gym can often give people anxiety.

Maybe their goal is to lose weight. They walk into the gym and perceive everyone else as "more fit" than they are, so they become uncomfortable. 

Or maybe their goal is to gain weight and become more muscular, so they look at people more "jacked" than they are and have the same response. 

Or maybe they have just never been in a gym before and all the equipment seems foreign and the options for training seem endless. 

inside of a starting strength gym, photo cred Nick Delgadillo
Whatever it is, we have all been there. No matter how experienced or fit people may appear around you, there was a time when they were beginners just like you.

Now, just like with anything in life, experience is going to help you a lot. So the more consistent you are, the more comfortable you will become, and as a result feel less self conscious as a beginner. 

With that said, while I cannot fast forward to 3 months from now (after you have been consistently going to the gym 3x/week), what I can do is give you some tips on what to do TODAY in the gym. If you will implement these, it will build your confidence help you make progress towards your goal.
starting strength coach coaching a deadlift
This week we talk about the basics of how to use a barbell gym. These are things I teach my lifters on day one to help them feel comfortable in the gym. 

Oh, and while you may think you have got it all down and are a "gym pro," I see experienced lifters making some of these mistakes in the gym ALL THE TIME. 

Hope you find it helpful!  As always, reply with any questions you may have!

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