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5 Common Mistakes When Running The Starting Strength Method

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi gives you the 5 most common mistakes that beginners make when they run the Starting Strength Program for the first time. 

A lot of people stumble upon the book, Starting Strength, when looking for answers on how to get strong.  The problem is most people never actually read it. 

I understand. It is a dense book that takes real determination to get through. It is the university text book teaching people how to lift and get strong.

 So what usually happens while reading it? About 10 pages into the squat chapter, a lot of readers decide it seems too complicated so they typically skip ahead to the end of the book where the program is laid out. 

starting strength novice program

Trust me, this is what happens over and over again. 

 I understand the logic behind this thinking because yes, the program is so simple! How could anyone possibly mess it up?

With the best of intentions, they head out to the gym and they begin "Starting Strength."

new lifter with the strength co iron plates

A few weeks later - maybe even a few months - they decide they are "stuck" or even come to the conclusion that the program does not work. This is simply not true!

Though they do not realize it, when they get to this point there are still a lot of strength adaptations on the table. So, rather than throw in the towel and give up, we're here to help you avoid these top 5 common mistakes we see people make over and over when running the program. Don't give up!

Hope the video helps!

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