Last month I shared an article on how to convince your parents to lift. I talked about my own journey of getting my parents to lift and some of the things that worked for me.

One of those things was showing my parents the success stories of other lifters. The Levine family played a big role.

Ed, Sandy, and Lauren have been training at the gym for over a year now. Ed started with us first with the goal of “maintaining” the strength he had. Lauren started shortly after and then Sandy began.

Strength training has completely changed their lives, Ed realizes that he can do much more than “maintain” — and that he can make progress at the age of 77. Lauren has found lifting empowering, and Sandy can now do simple daily tasks that were difficult for her last year.

Resistance training is a truly life changing experience. As coaches we have a lot of respect for those that take responsibility for their own health, and we enjoy watching them have real, tangible results.

The Levine family is a big part of the gym, we love having them as members and look forward to watching their continued success under the bar.

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