Learn How To Squat In 90 Minutes

  • Build lean muscle mass

  • Preserve bone density and joints

  • Increase your metabolism

  • $49 Per Person

Why Should You Learn To Squat?

There are a lot of reasons why we believe everyone should know how to squat. It is a basic human movement that improves stability, strengthens a very large number of muscles, bones and joints and is a safe and efficient way to spend time in the gym.

Training with barbells can be intimidating – we know – we’ve trained hundreds of people how to do it, which is why the Squat Clinic a great place to start!

Our goal is to help everyone– whether you’re older, younger, advanced, or have never worked out in your life- to take responsibility of your own health by getting stronger.

bodyweight squat

barbell squat

A properly performed squat will work out your legs, glutes, back, trunk, shoulders and arms – essentially your entire body.

Using your entire body at once can be difficult, this is why having an experienced coach teach you exactly what to do is invaluable when getting started.

At our clinic, our coaches will explain the basics of resistance training, and then begin with all the steps of a bodyweight squat, before adding a barbell. They will also discuss everything else you want to know about how to get stronger. How to perform warm up squats. How to increase your weights. How to recover after squatting.

Of course, most importantly, they will coach you through executing the squat yourself, explaining exactly what you need to do to perform the exercise safely with the correct form.

Class Details:


Our 90 minute class is held in our Villa Park Gym every few months

We provide the racks, weights, belts, even the coffee and water! You just need to bring a set of stable shoes (not too much padding) and a positive attitude.

Directions To Gym

Cost per person is $49.

Happy lifters from our February Squat Clinic

squat clinic