The Strength Co. normally offers limited online coaching services, but due to COVID19 we have expanded our offerings, including programming for at home workouts. 

We offer:

  1. online programming for at home workouts with limited equipment
  2. online barbell coaching via weekly video check-ins for those who have racks
  3. one-time online barbell lifting form check



Online Programming, for at home workouts Price: $29/mo : With everything going on right now, we want you to have one less things to worry about: getting your training in.After all, we are a community in and outside of the gym. Join other members from across the nation and globe for lifting at home. 

Our coaches will provide daily videos for your workouts and amusement. 

This program includes access to: The Strength Co. Slack channel
Here you will have unlimited access to engage with other members and ask questions. Many members use this channel to interact with the coaches and one another to find better ways to get strong at home.

-Programming for “At Home Workouts”
Our videos will give you ideas for programming structured workouts to do at home. The equipment may vary that you have access to, so thoughtful consideration has been given to provide you with the best workouts. Equipment required will include: bodyweight exercises, bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. The programming is tailored to give you a workout that would be similar in our barbell gym with limited equipment.This is a great option for lifters who do not currently have access to a gym and for those who want to continue training 2-3 times per week. All exercises are designed to target the entire body and will carry over well to barbell lifts. Together we will stay strong, be strong and get stronger. See you on the The Strength Co. Slack channel!

online coaching starting strength


Online Coaching – Barbell Coaching, Price: $179/mo: For anyone looking to get stronger without physical access to a Starting Strength Coach. Preferably for those who have worked with a Starting Strength Coach at least once previously. 

Top work sets are posted by the lifter every Saturday. Form critiques, instructions, and programming for the next week are provided via TrueCoach on Sundays. Members can post questions to TrueCoach all week long to answer any questions or concerns.

Program Includes:

  •  30 min on-boarding call to discuss goals, past training history, and personal plan going forward.
  • Weekly form checks for your workouts.
  • Access to staff on TrueCoach for questions regarding nutrition, programming etc.

An Online Form Check, Price: $49

Send videos of up to 3 lifts for an in depth voice-over break down of your lifts from a Starting Strength Coach and how they conform to the model.

Videos will be watched and then analyzed for correct form. You will receive both video feedback – voiced over your training video as well as written feedback on what to focus on going forward.

You can purchase below. One of our SS coaches will reach out to you via e-mail within a day.

Our Online Coaches

Grant Broggi

Grant discovered Starting Strength in an effort to find a competitive edge for his Marines while they were deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. It worked. After returning home from deployment, he quickly gained a reputation for having the strongest group of Marines in the unit and was sought out for coaching on a regular basis.

Since then, Grant has programmed and coached hundreds of Marines to measurable results using the Starting Strength methodology.

Grant obtained the Starting Strength Coach Certification in April of 2016 and then opened The Strength Co. shortly after in early 2017.

Mike Minigell

Mike is the perfect example of how Starting Strength can completely change one’s life. A natural athlete, Mike grew up playing a variety of sports from ice hockey to lacrosse. He attended the Starting Strength Seminar in March of 2017 before moving back to Maine to begin coaching clients ranging from nurse practitioners to corporate professionals, all out of his garage.

After seeing the success of his clients and realizing his own passion to coach others, he moved back to California to begin work at The Strength Co in March of 2018. He obtained his Starting Strength Coaching Certification in early 2019.

Watch Mike’s highlights from his last Strengthlifting meet.

Jeff Hairston

Coach Jeff is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and instructor at the renown Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa, CA. While looking for a way to become bigger and stronger to improve his jiu jitsu game, he found the book Starting Strength.

He loved barbell training from day one, and has never looked back. He has gained 40 lbs of body weight, vastly improved his strength, and has seen a significant carryover to his jiu jitsu game. Because of his background in coaching Brazilian jiu jitsu, Jeff picked up on the details of barbell training quickly and immediately started developing his coaching eye. He received his Starting Strength Coach Certification in the fall of 2019.

Connor King

Connor discovered Starting Strength while researching safe and effective training programs for his high school athletes. He began interning at The Strength Co. while enrolled in the Starting Strength Coaches Development Course before earning his Starting Strength Credential in the fall of 2019.

Connor is a high school special education teacher with a background in coaching athletics and strength and conditioning. He has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and has a Master’s in Coaching and Exercise Sciences. He enjoys working with athletes of all levels and ages.

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