Learn how to get strong.
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This one-day Introduction to Barbells course will help you build a foundation of knowledge for strength training.

We will provide detailed instructions on how and why to perform the major barbells lifts, what you should lift next time, and how you should recover.

We have coached hundreds of people of all ages, levels of experience and health limitations to lift with barbells.

We require that every member attends an Intro class before joining our group classes so they can train with us safely and effectively.

Intro classes are one 2 hour session and costs $200 per person. 

You will learn

How to squat

The squat is the most important exercise in the program and is performed three times per week. No other exercise matches the utility of the squat in terms of the range of motion, the number of muscles involved, and systemic stress applied. The properly performed squat has a profound impact on muscle mass, bone density, tendon strength and can be safely performed by just about everyone with the right coaching.

How to press / bench press

A press is performed while standing, where a bar is held at the shoulders and lifted overhead. A bench press is performed while lying flat on a bench, where a bar is lowered to the chest and then pressed upward. These exercises help build strength in the chest, shoulders and arms.

How to deadlift

The deadlift is a full body exercise that dramatically improves back, leg, butt, and grip strength. A strong back is a healthy back and one that’s less prone to injury from the variables of day-to-day life. Pick the bar up, set the bar down while our coaches ensure the safe and effective execution of this critically important exercise.

How to achieve your strength goals

Our coaches will work with you to understand your individual goals and help you understand where to start, how to progress and what to expect as your training continues.

We take the guesswork out of how to get strong, and you’ll be able to see measurable progress as you get stronger from workout to workout.

Common Questions

I am nervous about strength training in a class setting. What should I expect?

We chose to teach in a class setting because we think that new lifters can learn a lot from watching others improve while being coached. A lot of class time is spent resting for the next set, and watching other people’s lifts is a good use of your down time! Our gym has people of all ages and abilities and we believe that we attract clients that are friendly and encouraging to each other. Our coaches are also always there for you to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

(Women) Will lifting weights make me big and muscular?

This is a common misconception but becoming big and muscular is very, very difficult to do for women because of the hormonal differences between men and women. Lifting barbells will not turn a lady into muscled figure, but is great for weight loss and getting stronger.

How is Strength Co different from Crossfit, Orangetheory, fitness bootcamps, etc?

Most exercise classes typically consist of random activities that are designed to make you sweaty and feel good about being tired afterward. That is better than no exercise at all but we think that barbell training reliably and specifically makes every lifter stronger. Being stronger helps prevent injury, is good for your mental and physical health and improves general quality of life.

What if I’m overweight? Untrained? An elite athlete? Male? Female? Young? Old?

We have trained hundreds of young, old, sedentary, overweight, underweight, untrained, and elite athletes to become stronger.

I’m injured, can’t squat, or have some other limitation. Can you help?

Usually! Preventing re-injury or rehabbing an injury is a common reason to start strength training. Send us a message and explain your situation. We can usually get you lifting right away with only minor changes to the exercises.