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The Strength Co.

Lever Clamp Barbell Collars

Lever Clamp Barbell Collars

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The Strength Co. Aluminum Olympic Lever Clamp Collars

Made in The USA of extruded aluminum, our clamp collars are simple, fast, durable and rust resistant.

The design of the collar is very slim, taking up only one inch of space on a bar sleeve, and weighing only a pound total for the pair. 

The adjustable lever clamp design makes them compatible with any Standard Olympic Barbell Sleeve.

Our New Black Collars are laser engraved as opposed to our previous sticker design! 


- Made In USA

- Sold In PAIRS

Made of Solid Aluminum with rubber inserts.

Weight: 1 lb. (pair) | 0.5 lbs (individual)

- Rust Resistant


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